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Piris beer: made from Mallorca

Blancheberry Mallorca – a new craft beer made from Mallorcan ingredients

A new craft beer made entirely from produce grown in Mallorca has just been officially unveiled and will be available at this week's Beer Palma shindig. Blancheberry Mallorca is the newest member of the Piris craft beer stable, and the brainchild of journalist/brewer Miquel Piris.

piris beer

Brewed in Barcelona using traditional methods and the best ingredients, the Blancheberry is regarded by experts (how I'd love to be one of those) as the perfect beer to enter the world of craft ales because of its low bitterness. It measures only 15 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) on a scale form 0 to 100 though still packs a punch with 5.8 degrees of alcohol!

It's made from organic wheat grown in Valldemossa and orange peel from Soller and is classed as a blanche or Weissbier with a murky look given by the addition of blackberries. Fresh and refreshing, it has notes of wild fruit and coriander and is great as an accompaniment to snacks and light dishes.

It's creator says it will also be perfect drunk alone on a terrace in Colonia de Sant Pere in early June, watching the sunset and I for one, would be happy to comply with Miquel Piris' recommendations there!

As I said, it will be available at Beer Palma and can be found on the same stand as Mallorcan craft brewers Beer Lovers who have converted their family home of 300 years into a brewery in Alcudia.

Look out for them at the show and let us know what you think of Blancheberry.