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Hit Mallorca

Luxury leisure and dining

Martín Berasategui look, no indicators!

What was once the Es Foguero theatre/entertainment complex just outside Palma will reopen in May 2020 as Hit, a luxury fine dining leisure complex with an amphitheatre, disco, and conference facilities. It's the brainchild of top chef Martín Berasategui and will of course feature his menus throughout its dining areas.

Berasategui has built up a veritable culinary empire from his Basque origins over the years and his restaurants have been awarded a galaxy of Michelin stars, 10 or 12 to be exact depending on who you believe on the Internet!

Hit itself will be a big place, with over 30,000 square metres divided into gastro spaces both indoor and outdoor, the amphitheatre which will host live performances from top class artists and a state of the art disco where we can wave at DJs twiddling their knobs in the booth.

Now, poor old BMW driving Martín is a mere chef, so he's enlisted the aid of David Alayeto, founder of the Estudio-IN Architects practice to come up with a stunning design for the whole area. Past performances by him include Hotel Destino Pacha and the Restaurant-Cabaret Lío in Ibiza, NAÔ Pool Club, and Pacha Dubai so expect some avant-garde design and just a bit of bling thrown in for good measure.

The aim of the project is to make a luxury, but affordable to all, dining and entertainment space so that locals and holiday makers alike can enjoy the shows and facilities. It's intended that it should open all year, and as an example it will cost €35 for lunch and €60 for dinner, which given the standard of the cuisine, is pretty good value.

It sounds like it's just the sort of place that Mallorca needs – regular top class entertainment on a large scale that appeals to people of all ages and all pockets. Would you pay it a visit?