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Swinging Trad Jazz in Palma

S’Arrual Jazz Mort

Aficionados of 'America's classical music' can enjoy a brilliant concert of music and dancing from the so called Jazz Age in Palma this month. Local Dixieland Jazz combo S’Arrual Jazz Mort will team up with dancers from the Tandem Club de Swing to recreate the atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties at the Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza.

The concert is part of the band's 25th anniversary celebrations when all 14 of them will be on stage with eight jumpin' jivin' jitterbuggin' dancers from the swing club.

The Arrual boys have faithfully played classics from the golden age of Jazz in the jook joints and barrelhouses of New Orleans and beyond when giants of Jazz and 'jungle music' like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington were in their pomp and New York's Cotton Club was THE place to be.

The Jazz of that period was essentially dance music, music to get the feet moving and from it grew dances like the Charleston and Jitterbug. As you'll see from the dancers, the Jazz Age influenced the behaviour and fashion style of young people, who for the first time had music and fashion different from older folk.

If our short video of the musicians and dancers has whetted your appetite for more, you can see them live at;

Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza

Carrer Miquel Maura, 1, Sa Calatrava, (behind the cathedral)

Saturday 14th December, 20:00

Pay on the door €12