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Santa Maria wine festival

Vi Novell XVII

vi novell

Fresh from a visit to Beaujolais, where they really know how to push the boat out to celebrate the arrival of the new 'crop' of wine, the bodegas of Santa Maria del Cami will be showing off this year's harvest to all and sundry on Saturday.

Put the 30th November in your diary as the date to be in Santa Maria when the little town holds its 17th annual fiesta of the Vi Novell. Part of the Binissalem wine 'denomination,' the seven bodegas in Santa Maria are taking part in the yearly shindig of food, music and lots of wine.

The day starts at 09:30 when two little land trains visit the bodegas on a vino route which takes in;

Train 1: Bodegas Macià Batle, 7103 Petit Celler, Celler Sebastià Pastor and Bodega Ramanyà.

Train 2: Celler Son Crespí de Passatemps, Bodegas Angel, Celler Jaume de Puntiró.

The main fun starts at 18:00 in the Plaza Nueva in the town centre, specially decorated with pine branches to give it a rural feel, when all the bodegas have stands installed where a glass of wine will set you back €1, which is good enough in itself, but even better when you hear that you can get a tapa for a mere €2.

Yes, it's also Santa Maria's 9th annual tapas fest, thoughtfully arranged to run concurrently with the wine fest where 12 bars will have 12 different tapas to help you celebrate! Add a couple of live bands playing throughout the evening and you've got a good night out at a very economical price.

See you there?