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The $200 billion boat party

Amazon ahoy!

jeff bezos et al

Ever since Michelle Obama became a regular summer vacationer in Mallorca, the USA's rich and famous have been beating a path to the island in private jets and luxury megayachts.

Now, being rich and famous has its advantages, the main one being that you're rich. However fame brings disadvantages; at best you're hounded for autographs and selfies and at worst some crackpot wants to pump you full of bullets!

So, it would seem that the best possible deal is to be rich and anonymous, like for example the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, boss of Amazon, who could be sat next to you on the bus and you'd never know it was him!

Well, Jeff has become yet another American to spend some quality time in Mallorca when he and a plethora of wealthy friends navigated the waters of Mallorca, stopping off at Sa Calobra for a photo call.

Guests of David Geffen, the music producer, on board his megayacht Rising Sun, the party included Bezos, his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, oil company heir Michael Hess, Goldman Sachs senior president Lloyd Blankfein, actor Michael Kives, model Karlie Kloss and her husband Joshua Kushner, brother-in-law of Ivanka Trump!

They'd gathered to celebrate Kloss' birthday, and just like we mere and not-so-wealthy mortals, Jeff Bezos stuck a few of his snaps onto his instagram account (from where our photo is taken) which drew one comment that about $200 billion's worth of people were gathered together!

Recently the Rising Sun has been the Mallorca home to quite a few more instantly recognisable people; Oprah Winfrey, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry who'd be really easy to identify on the beach at Playa de Palma so here's a question about our photo above – can you name anybody on it?

Obviously Karlie Kloss the model is the very tall, slim girl (the word model is the clue) but who are the rest?

Over to you.