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Holidays with your dog

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

mr b at can bordoy

I've written one or two articles in the past about dog friendly hotels and restaurants in Mallorca, though I think this one trumps them all. It's all about a luxury stay in Palma for you and your best friend and it comes courtesy of the very lovely Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden hotel in the city.

The 'Grand House' philosophy is centred around making guests feel truly at home and to implement this they've included details like “the elimination of the reception area, the possibility of eating and relaxing in different areas of our house, and the substitution of a buffet breakfast with an innovative service that allows you to enjoy the first meal of the day at any time.”

And best of all, the final detail for all of us who feel that a house isn't a home without a dog, they've just got themselves a rather special Afghan hound puppy called Mr B, who is available for snuggles, licks and general loving and warmth as he trots around the hotel and garden.

Even better, if you can't bear to be away from your pet, you can take him with you to enjoy a luxury stay with you and Mr. B at Can Bordoy. The pet package is “priced at 150 euros a night and includes: a day trip around the capital of the Balearic Islands, a beautiful and comfortable cushion (that suits the pet’s size) water and food bowls; a menu listed with varied types of top-quality pet food, and a turndown service that will also brighten their nights with a treat. In addition, a hairdressing service is included for stays of 4 or more nights. 5% of the proceeds from this package will go to an animal protection charity.”

Obviously, there have to be a few 'recommendations' for pet treatment and behaviour so that everyone can live harmoniously together, and they are, “the animal should always be carried in arms, or placed on a leash while they are in the communal areas. They should always be accompanied in the suite. If it is necessary to leave them alone in the suite, then they should be placed in a pet carrier. Animals are not allowed to climb on the beds and sofas in the suite . If they are used to doing this, then we kindly ask you to place one of your cloths on the furniture to avoid damage or spoiling of the furniture.” Which all sounds fair enough to me.

So, would you take your canine companion on holiday with you if you had the chance?

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