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Harley Davidson Day

Port Adriano

Harley Davidson Day

Who'd have thought that when two young men from Milwaukee, William S Harley and Arthur Davidson, produced their first motor powered bicycle in 1903 that their endeavours would lead to one of the world's biggest and most iconic motorcycle brands?

More than just a bike, the 'Harley' is a lifestyle statement with an enormous band of dedicated followers who live, breath and these days wear their badge with pride. Harley has clubs all over the world, including Mallorca, and its members will be out in force on Thursday 1st November – a public holiday – when Port Adriano celebrates the 115th anniversary of the very first Harley Davidson.

The swish 'lifestyle' port, designed by Philippe Starck, is putting on an event to honour the iconic brand. In the main square you'll find an exhibition area courtesy of Harley Davidson Mallorca with bikes and merchandise on display, a barbershop with special attention for those of you with beards more than a foot long, tattoos (make sure you get the spelling write before you get inked) and a live performance by old rockers Old Noise.

If all that biking makes you feel a bit peckish then Mallorca's famous travelling gastro show, the food trucks, will be on hand for hearty servings of biker food.

So, if you fancy going then get your motor running and head out on the highway to Calvia, where Port Adriano will keep you entertained from 10 to 17 on Thursday!