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Palma airport trolley dash

Luggage in the fast lane

palma airport

Could there be anything more frustrating when you've just spent a couple of hours cooped up in a plane than spending almost the same amount of time waiting for your luggage to finally appear on the belt in the reclaim area? I can imagine a Peter Kay sketch on the subject, with us all trying to peer through the hole at the end of the belt to see if there's any signs of baggage handler activity!

Well, the lovely people at Palma airport have taken steps to reduce the waiting time to collect all our lovely new holiday clothes and get our precious vacation underway. Bosses there have created two special fast lanes which cut through and have priority over all other traffic.

Called 'trolley fast lanes' they're now operating in the two busiest airport 'modules' (terminals) A and D where in summer around 70,000 cases a day arrive. If all goes to the plan of the handling agents the waiting time for cases will be reduced and the perception of service quality by the passengers will increase.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I wonder if they can do anything about all those recently arrived passengers who just cannot wait on the correct side of the line by the luggage reclaim belts in every airport in the world!