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Palma walking tours

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guided tour of palma

When visiting a big city for the first time I can think of no better way to orient yourself as to where everything is in relation to everything else than an open top bus tour which visits all the main attractions.

It's a quick and easy way of sightseeing and with tickets lasting all day you can hop on and hop off at leisure at places that take your fancy. I've always done this; in Palma, London, Barcelona and just a couple of weeks ago, Madrid where we enjoyed a whistle stop tour of the city and then used the bus to get from place to place.

The bus is perfect if you are in town for a limited time, perhaps on a cruise or a day trip from one of the resorts. However if you are in Palma for a little longer and want to get to know the city in more detail then I recommend a walking tour guided by an expert who can tell you all about the history, culture, architecture, and pretty well everything else.

From April to October a local company Tour Teatro guides small groups around the city on a variety of walks that don't last too long, so are easily done, even in the heat of summer. Their main business is theatrical tours where actors role play characters from history to bring the history and monuments of the city to life. Unfortunately, Spanish is the only language for these tours.

The good news is that Tour Teatro has four walks in English that cost only €10 per person for groups of just five and above. They are;

The Jewish Quarters – learning about the history and customs of the Jews who inhabited certain parts of the city from the middle ages.

Palma Old Town – a walk which never leaves the confines of the old city walls and illustrates Palma's history from Roman times to now.

Seaside Palma – taking in the sights and sounds of the harbour, an important trade hub in the middle ages and historic buildings like the Lonja.

The Cathedral – get inside Palma's most emblematic building and learn about how it was built, its treasures and its artworks.

I haven't been on one of these tours, but I did take one with an architect as my guide who explained about the history of the city and its buildings. It was an absolutely fascinating morning and I'd love to repeat the experience soon – the Jewish Quarters (there were two) would be my favourite.

You can find out what time, what day, where the tours go and book online by clicking on the Tour Teatro link.