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Gigantic Parade in Palma

Giants, big-heads, demons and dancers


Thoroughly modern cosmopolitan capital of Mallorca it may be, but Palma still maintains many of its charming old traditions. One of its loftiest is the annual meeting of the giant who stand about, parade and dance supported by a cast of big-heads, demons, folk dancers and musicians.

Obviously they're not real giants, but enormous 'puppets' made of light wood and material with room inside for a 'driver' who does all the jigging about unseen. It's a tradition which can be traced back as far as 1630 to Soller with various ups and downs through the years though they are now seen as an essential part of folk custom and heritage. The giants are an incredible 4 metres tall and normally dressed as Mallorcan country folk with agricultural tools, baskets, fans and musical instruments.

The giant meeting takes place this Saturday, 9th September in the Plaza de Cort (the town hall square) at 10:30 when 25 different groups will participate and will include around 50 giants, 20 big heads with a total of 400 people taking part. The big parade through the streets starts from the Cort at 11:30 and will make its way along Calle Colon, la plaza Mayor, Sant Miguel and end up in la plaza de España.

It's a popular event, great fun, and worth interrupting your shopping to go and have a look. Why not pop along if you're in Palma on Saturday?