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Palma photo comp exhibition

Palma Fotografica 2017

And the winners are – all exhibited from today! Let's start at the beginning, shall we? Each year as part of the San Sebastian celebrations held in Palma there's a photography competition that's a cross between a Le Mans start in motor racing and speed chess in er, chess.

What happens is that hundreds of people turn up in the centre of Palma at the appointed hour, cameras at the ready, and are given a list of subjects that they should photograph in a limited timescale. It's an extremely popular event which just seems to grow and grow each year and produces some really wonderful photographs.

Obviously there are prizes for the best photos in all the categories but perhaps the biggest stimulus for everyone of the competitors to produce their best off the cuff work is the exhibition of all the best photos in the Casal Solleric art gallery/exhibition space on Palma's Paseo del Borne.

Completely by coincidence, the 2017 exhibition starts today, and runs until 4th April and is well worth a visit. The Casal Solleric is open Tuesday to Saturday 11 h to 14 h - 15:30 to 20:30 h, and Sunday and Public Holidays 11 to 14:30h.

Just to whet your appetite, have a look at some of the great photos in the slide show I've curated.