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Urban Drivestyle's cool two wheelers

Ebikes for the style conscious

Cycling's tremendously popular in Mallorca. In spring and autumn the roads of the island are thronged with pelotons of extremely fit, lycra clad men and women pounding the tarmac over mountains, plains, curves and straights in pursuit of their environmentally friendly hobby.

Great, but what if you care about how you look and you're not that fit. I mean, those tight shorts with the padded crotch don't look good on the most athletic of people do they? Well, if you want to maintain your street style, and garner a bit of extra street cred as you scoot about on two wheels, then look no further than Urban Drivestyle in Palma.

urban drivestyle bikes

These guys have probably THE funkiest bike hire shop in all Mallorca and specialise in cool two wheelers that run on pedal power, electric power or a combination of both. You can choose from some super stylish vintage bikes which run only on manpower, or ebikes which you can pedal all day if you wish, but when you need a break power from the battery kicks in so you can put your feet up on the handle bars and enjoy the scenery as you glide along!

The beauty of these 50/50 Ebikes is that you don't need a license to drive them, just the ability to balance without stabilisers. The team at Urban Drivestyle have just developed a super new heavy duty machine called the MOKE – Urban Utility Ebike which looks like a motorbike but isn't!


It has big fat tyres to cover all terrains, a strong frame for two people and lots of beach equipment and can hit 45 kph with a range of upto 60 km (more if you carry a spare battery) and the best thing of all, a USB charging point! You can keep your phone topped up as you post selfies of you and your best pillion girlie onto Snapchat as you glide along with your feet on the handlebars.

Well, if I was 30 years younger I'd be up for one, how about you? Urban Drivestyle can be found at Calle Sant Francesc 11, 07001 Palma de Mallorca

Tel: 0034 871 032 144 | E-Mail: sales@urbandrivestyle.com or you can read all about them and book online by clicking the link. Please mention Mallorca Spotlight if you give them a call.