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Fira del Fang XXXIII

Pottery and ceramics fair in Marratxi

Yes, it does sound like a horror film, but it's actually a very interesting annual event that's been taking place in Marratxi for centuries – the last bit of the 20th and first of the 21st! It's the yearly ceramics fair held in a big marquee where the 'town' goes completely to pot.

Marratxi has been a centre of ceramic activity for around 300 years and this fair is a chance for them to unite and show off both their skills and wares all under the same roof. However, it's not just local artisans taking part, as potters from all over Mallorca and Spain will also be in the marquee to take part in the demonstrations of their craftsmanship and sell their goods.

ceramics by crhistiane hoenge

Interestingly, two of the exhibitors are Mallorca prison and the psychiatric unit of Palma's main hospital Son Espaces, where the skills and craft of pottery are used for rehabilitation. Now, if you're on holiday some of the items - like giant traditional cooking pots or the more modern style art ceramics for decoration like our photo from Christiane Hoenge – won't be much use in a carry on case for the plane. You will however find smaller items like bracelets, necklaces and rings which would make nice gifts or souvenirs of a lovely vacation.

The Fira del Fang takes place from the 4th to 12th March and is open from 10 to 13:30 and 16 to 19 on weekdays and 10 to 20 at the weekend. It's held in a marquee by the church in Sant Marçal and is linked by a bus shuttle service to Marratxi station for those arriving by train from Palma or further up the line.