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Living in the Pueblo Español

Tourist attraction to become residential?

One of Mallorca's first 'made to measure' tourist attractions of the 60's package tour boom could be changing its identity 50 years on. The Pueblo Español in Palma, constructed in the mid 60's by the renowned architect Fernando Chueca Goitia is like a medieval walled town containing replicas of some of Spain's most emblematic buildings; the Patio de los Arrayanes in the Alhambra, La Giralda in Seville and the old Diputación de Barcelona for example.

alhambra Pueblo Español

It was a major tourist attraction in those first days of mass tourism when hordes of visitors would be bused in from the resorts to marvel at the streets and buildings. These days the Pueblo Español is used for conferences and events like nautical fairs and Christmas markets and due to the decline in package tours, not so many people visit it as in the past.

Always privately owned and now with new management – it's officially known as Nuevo (new) Pueblo Español – headed by Norma Duval the on-off-off-on partner of German real estate magnate Matthias Kühn, who together (or apart) have appeared in more editions of the Spanish Hola magazine than the Beckhams have in its British Hello equivalent!

They want to convert the village into a residential housing estate with around 40 or 50 luxury apartments and houses in the existing buildings, altering only the interior and leaving the external facades of the emblematic buildings intact. Set in what is these days quite a built up area, this plan would more than likely be welcomed with open arms by their neighbours and has already been given the green light by the council's planners.

However, nothing can happen until a technical study pencilled in to change the general urban plan (PGOU) has been completed sometime within the next 18 months! Nail-biting stuff, isn't it?

So, what do you think? Would you like to live in the Alhambra Palace or the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba yet still have Palma on your doorstep?