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Street Food Two

The food trucks roll into Port Adriano for a gastronomic cornucopia

It may sound like something a seven year old would play on his Xbox but Street Food II is far, far cooler. In fact it's claimed to be the festival 'mas cool' in Mallorca as it brings together a superb design (by Philippe Stark, no less) led venue, Port Adriano, and the fashionable and extremely affordable concept of street food.

street food at port adriano

These days, I'm happy to say that street food no longer conjures up images of soggy hotdogs, hamburgers and boiled onions outside a football ground or late night club. Today, our boundaries extend way beyond Hamburg and Frankfurt, with food from the far east, Asia, North Africa and the Pacific rim all thrown in a melting pot with our own traditional dishes.

Last year's first street food fest with a multitude of truck, stalls, caravans and even a London bus serving up gastro treats from all around the world was such a success, that it's being repeated this month. The dates and times are;

Friday 25th September – 17 to 24

Saturday 26th September – 12 to 24

Sunday 27th September – 12 to 22

so plenty of time to try everything and pace yourself too.

If you're not omnivorous like me, you'll find vegetarian alternatives, ecological food and the funkiest cake truck ever to salve your dessert cravings. Ooh, and look out for the big red bus – just ask the conductor for two gin and tonics and to let you know when it's your stop.