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Sandwiches galore in Mallorca

A sandwich, a drink, a local experience – just €2.50

Palma's association of bread and cake makers – God bless those boys – have come up with a new council backed initiative to put their wares on display to a wider public. Every Wednesday, starting from today and throughout the summer until 28th October, 43 bakeries in and around Palma will be offering a sandwich and drink for a fixed price €2.50! Highly affordable, unless you've just arrived pennyless from Athens.

llonguet sandwich

Called the Ruta Llonguetera, its objective is to promote and let everyone, both locals and visitors alike, know about the llonguet, a key part of the Mediterranean diet. It's a small bread 'roll,' oval shaped, longer than it is wide, hence the name Llonguet (long.) Made with a little salt, having a soft crust and a groove along the top it's ideal for making sandwiches and has been really popular in Mallorca since it was imported from the Catalan mainland in the 40's and 50's.

With so many bakeries involved, there's going to be lots of competition to produce the bast sandwiches and the majority will be using tradtional, local ingredients like sobrasada (fairly spicy pork) and there will actually be a prize for the most creative sandwich (like our shoe llonguet photo) at the end of the ruta. You can see a google map of all the bakeries provided by Palma City council online.

Sandwiches made with llonguets are a great traditional snack both mid morning and mid afternoon with local people and would be ideal for tourists out seeing the sights of Palma who have had a big hotel breakfast and need something, but not too much, as a quick snack between the cathedral and the Arab baths for example.

I certainly hope my favourite is on sale – grilled loin of pork with fried onions and Italian green peppers – it's delicious.