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Across the sea to Barcelona

Charity mimics history as 5 rowers cross to Barcelona

The Port of Soller will be the embarcation point for a historic voyage to Barcelona for charity this weekend, weather permitting. Five hardy rowers from the Club Deportivo Olímpico Barcelona will set off to row the 90 nautical miles (167 km) to their home city in an estimated time of 20 hours.

rowing to barcelona for charity

Their aim is to raise €100,000 for charity, in this case to help research into Alzheimer's disease, and they're looking for our help in sponsoring them. The idea is that every stroke of their oars is sponsored for one Euro and they've calculated that they'll be making 100,000 strokes to complete the crossing.

It's a great idea and if they succeed they'll be the first ever people to cross from Puerto Soller to Barcelona by rowing boat! If you want to sponsor them you can do so by using this crowdfunding website www.reto90millas.com

Now, if you think crossing the pond by rowing boat seems arduous enough, then spare a thought for poor old San Ramon, who in 1239 was reduced to crossing the sea using only his cloak and staff! Ramon, a Catalan cleric, was over in Mallorca with King Jaime I for the Christian reconquest. However he managed to get on the wrong side of the King, who barred him from travelling back to Barcelona by boat.

Ramon went to Puerto Soller and launched himself from a rock, using his cape and staff as a sail, and with a steady headwind, reached Barcelona in only 12 hours! Now, back in 1239 with no Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube, visual evidence of this feat is sketchy indeed, in fact just a few artists' sketches made hundreds of years later. There is though, irrefutable proof of his mighty voyage, because the rock from which he set sail is still there, behind a glass case at the end of the port. Go and gaze on it in wonder next time you're down that way.