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El Greco in Mallorca

El Greco's paintings in Palma exhibition

To mark the 400th anniversary of the death of one of Spain's most famous painters the CaixaForum in Palma has an exhibition of paintings, some of which haven't been seen in public before. Doménikos Theotokópulos, known to all and sundry as El Greco (The Greek) arrived in Spain via Rome and Venice and made his name in Toledo where he died in 1614.

Though everyone these days is familiar with his name and position in the pantheon of great Spanish painters, it was not always so. Until the mid 19th century his works were not that well regarded and were overshadowed by the likes of Velazquez and Goya.

Around 1860 the impressionist painters of the time focussed in on his work in order to revalue his position in the timeline of Spanish art. Thanks to the Catalan painter, poet and playwright Santiago Rusiñol, who championed the cause of El Greco, his works are now highly regarded in the world of art.

Starting this week, the CaixaForum hosts a travelling exhibition called 'El Greco. La mirada de Rusiñol' (El Greco. Rusiñol's view) which features many works gathered together from different collections, both public and private, some have which haven't been seen for many years.

mary magdalen by el greco

The exhibition runs from 18th June to 12th October at the CaixaForum's magnificent modernist building on the Plaza Weyler in Palma. It's only €4 to enter (there are other permanent and temporary exhibitions as well) and under 16's and Caixa bank customers get in free. It's open Monday to Saturday , 10:00 to 20:00 and Sunday 11:00 to 14:00.

Rusiñol himself is a wonderful painter; born in Barcelona, studied in Paris, regular at Els Quatre Gats cafe along with Picasso and the likes, his 'modernist' paintings of landscapes and gardens, including some in Mallorca, made hime famous. He died in 1931, doing what he loved, painting the gardens of the royal summer palace at Aranjuez.

If you're visiting Mallorca during this period, and fancy a day out in Palma, give this exhibition a go, and remember, there's a really good restaurant and cafe in the forum!