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Budget airlines and record tourism numbers

Ryanair and other low cost airlines are becoming more and more popular.

Foreign tourists are flocking to Spain this year and the budget airlines are leading the charge. This July was the month with the highest number of foreign visitors to Spain bar last August and so
far over 36 million people have touched down in the country with Catalonia and the Balearic Islands receiving the most tourists.

Statistics show that more and more of us prefer low cost, no frills travel on budget airlines to the more expensive carriers though the gap between them as far as service is concerned seems to be

The airline that for some reason people love to hate, Ryanair, serves Palma airport well with 54 flights coming from all over Europe as you can see from from our 'no particular order' chart.
Ryanair has recently improved its image and customer service by introducing assigned seating, allowing a second bag with the cabin baggage allowance and now payment by PayPal with no surcharge can
be made for tickets!

All I ask is that they stop playing that trumpet fanfare every time they touch down on time!